Getting Home Phone Service? Make Sure You Have These 5 Features

If you have decided to get a phone line installed in your home, know that it is a bit different than the cell phone plans that you have been used to over the years. Here are some features you want to look for in the home phone plan that you chose.

Caller ID

An essential feature to have on your home phone will be caller ID since you'll want to know who is calling you before you pick up on the phone. If your home phone is tied into your cable TV service, you can even have the number show up on your TV when someone calls. It's an easy solution to the problem of having a traditional phone without a screen on it to show you the number. 

Caller ID Blocking

Making phone calls from your home phone for work purposes? If so, you'll want the ability to block your number from showing up on other people's caller ID. It's essential if you want to stop someone else from calling you back at home when it is for a business purpose. 

Voice Mail

Long gone are the days of needing to have a traditional answering machine to pick up the phone after a specific number of unanswered rings. Even home phone lines these days have the option to include a voice mailbox so that your callers can leave you a message. You should also be able to listen to your voice mailbox by calling your home phone number and entering your PIN at the appropriate time.

Three-Way Calling

Do you have the need to talk to more than two people at the same time from your home phone? You are going to want to have three-way calling to transfer the third person into the call. While this is a feature that is usually taken for granted when doing video calling, make sure that it is a feature that you have if it is important to you. 

Call Waiting

Is it important that you can always be reached, even if you are on the phone with another person? Call waiting will then be an important feature to have so that the person calling you doesn't get a busy signal while you are on the line. It will at least give you the notification that another call is coming in and give you the option to take it if the call is important.