3 Benefits Of Colocation For Upstart Businesses

If you're the owner of a small business that is rapidly growing, you may find that handling all of your IT needs in-house is becoming an increasingly impossible solution, especially in the long term. Fortunately, several companies now offer a variety of colocation services, which allow you to outsource your company's burgeoning technology needs to an external data center. Naturally, many small business owners are hesitant to hand over a vital part of their company to a third party, but their are many advantages to using colocation services. Read more below to discover three ways in which colocation can help your business grow.


A new business is almost by definition an unstable one. If your in-house data center is hit by a severe power outage, your data is in danger of being permanently compromised or lost entirely. But using a colocation service provider ensures that your data is never lost or destroyed, as the on-site colocation providers are equipped with the necessary backup generators and servers. This in turn is instrumental in giving you the peace of mind to focus instead on growing your business.


Many small businesses simply don't have the resources to protect their in-house data centers from an attack, whether physical or virtual. On the other hand, choosing colocation means protecting your data in a variety of ways. External data centers will almost always feature secure, coded access rooms, alarm systems and even security guards that patrol the centers to ensure that the servers are in order. Of course, the data itself is also protected in the cloud behind complex firewalls, so there's the no need to worry about the integrity of your data. 


Perhaps the most valuable service colocation can provide is scalability. New business owners dream of the day when their business suddenly skyrockets in popularity, but often don't consider the real-world technical consequences. Most often, the worst of these consequences is the inability to scale in-house data needs to meet demand on a whim. If your website is in need of added bandwidth, for example, it's fairly impossible to do with any sense of immediacy if all you have are a few servers and in-house staff. With colocation, however, you're free to scale your bandwidth needs immediately and as needed, without the fear that your website will suddenly crash and leave your customers stranded. If your business relies on online sales, colocation is the best IT decision you can make for your company.